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Our Goldendoodle puppy, Molly, has completed two board and train sessions with Colorado K9 Paws, one at 10 weeks and 16 weeks old. We have been thrilled with the results. Molly knows all the basic commands, with added distractions and distance. She is a very well behaved puppy. During trips out to the vet, Home Depot, and PetSmart or the soccer fields, we are constantly stopped and given complements on her behavior and personality. Desirae has been a huge help after both boardings to help transition Molly back into our home so that myself and the kids can continue to utilize the training tips and techniques to give Molly success. She even went with me to a vet appointment for vaccinations to ensure a positive experience for Molly so that in years to come the vet will always be a good place. I would highly recommend Colorado K9 Paws for your training needs.


Amy D.

Rachel K

We did the puppy package (board & train)! I don't think I could be any more pleased with how amazing my puppy is now!! Before our puppy was out of control and would not listen to anything I'd say. He is so smart but I just needed help with what to do, how to do it, and now our pup is even more brilliant than before. He is a puppy of course but he now respects me and listens. Everything you'd want out of this training Desirae makes it happen and the goals you have in mind come to life that you want for your puppy!! I am so so pleased, thankful and blessed we went with Colorado K9 Pawsibilities!

Our puppy, Rocky, completed the 10 day intensive board and train with Desirae, and it was a wonderful experience. While it was hard to wait those extra 10 days to bring it home, it was 100% worth it. He came home extremely well socialized, knowing his basic skills (sit, down, stand, place, kennel and many more), crate trained, and confident. I am so happy that we made this decision and feel positive that we set him up for puppy success! We look forward to more training in a few months!

Rachel D.

For Desirae, animals aren't just a job, they are a way of life. You can trust that she will be interested in helping you train your animal, as if it were her own.  Desi loves animals, and they love her.  Desi helped me train my dog, Bailey (a lab/terrier mix) from early puppy hood.  She's great at figuring out what works best for both the dog and the owner.  She's very patient with both the pet, and the owner, sometimes more so for the owner.  Desi will make sure you are comfortable with what to do during training.  If you have additional questions after the session, she can be reached by text for extra pointers.  Desi is friendly and reliable, a great choice for you and your fur baby.

Gail H.

We love training with Grace! She has massive amounts of experience and knowledge, yet time and time again we are blown away by how humble and down to earth she is. She's an absolute joy to be around for dogs and humans alike, and we've never had a trainer stand out to us like her. Thank you Colorado K9 Pawsibilities!

The Mercer Family

Grace spent many months training Recon and helping him make that adjustment into civilian life. She managed to turn him back into the friendly and playful dog we all had once knew from before his deployments! Thanks Grace, I am forever grateful for all that you have done with Recon!

Brett L

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