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As one of Colorado’s few positive reinforcement dog training companies, Colorado K9 Paws LLC offers training programs that allows clear communication between you and your dog, making your dog into the perfect family companion. Our obedience programs focus on effective training methods customized to each individual dog, rather than using a textbook approach. Our team is consistently researching new and improved training methods to ensure satisfaction with every dog and owner.

We believe in creating a fun environment for each dog to learn in, which has been proven to be more successful than traditional training methods. Our approach to training encourages each dog to want to please, rather than being forced to do so. What makes our company unique is that we offer an in-home board and train program for puppies rather than housing them in a multi-kennel environment. We believe that having the dogs in a home environment makes the transition back to their home easier, and creates more reliable training by being in a "real-life" situation. 

Our mission is to build a strong bond between each dog and owner that will last a lifetime, so that you can have the dog you have always envisioned having.


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